Currently we attend gunshows in Virginia and North Carolina.  The following is our current schedule.  If you plan to attend one of these shows, please stop by and check us out.  If you are interested in case quantities of brass or bullets or large containers of powders, you must order in advance to receive discounted prices.  Email us at with your order.

Consider joining our mailing list for those shows you attend.  Simply click on the subscribe link next to those shows and follow the instructions.  This way we will email you in advance of the show to remind you to get your orders in.

You should also consider sending a message to Ebay concerning their recent decision to no longer allow the listing and sale of reloading components on their auction site. This decision was made in response to the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. In our opinion, there is no logical reason to refuse to allow listing of reloading components such as brass and bullets as a result of this tragic incident.  To assume that people who do such terrible things would even consider purchasing components and making their own ammunition is ridiculous.  Agreed, it is their site and their business, the decision on what to allow is totally up to the folks at Ebay however refusing to allow reloading components to be listed suggests that we as reloaders and shooters share culpability in incidents like the one at Virginia Tech.  This is simply not true.  The actions  by Ebay reflect poorly on us as sportsman and citizens.  Without question, I believe that we as shooters, hunters, competitive marksman, gun collectors and gun owners are one of the largest groups of law abiding citizens and Americans.

As a result of this decision by Ebay, we are currently listing new and used brass, bullets and cast lead bullets on and Auction Arms.  Our listing name is the same as it was on Ebay, our seller name is macsreloads.


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