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Welcome to Mac's Reloading Web Site. Macs Reloads specializes in Reloaded Ammunition, Reloading Supplies and Reloading Equipment. We also carry a full line of Factory Winchester Ammuntition. Please check back often and see what is new at Mac's Reloads.

My name is Terry W. McManuels (Mac's), President and CEO of Mac's Reloads and Factory Ammunition. I retired from the Navy in 1996, as a Master Chief Petty Officer after actively serving for over 25 years. During my tenure in the Navy, I was a competitive shooter and earned numerous awards and medals, including the Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge. I started competitive shooting in 1979 and remained active in the shooting sports until 2001. As a Navy Competition Shooter I competed at local matches on both the east and west coasts, both east and west coast Fleet Level Matches and All Navy Matches. For nine years I represented the United States Navy at the Interservice Pistol Matches at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in Little Rock and at the United States National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. In 1993 I assumed the duties of Match Director for the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet Atlantic Pistol Team and held that position until 2001.

I initially started making my own ammunition in order to support my competitive shooting. While the Navy does have a Shooting Program, they do not have an actual Marksmanship Unit. Navy Shooters receive support for the Fleet, All Navy, Interservice and National Matches. They occasionally receive a limited amount of practice ammunition, but certainly not a sufficient quantity to allow them to become competitive among the other service MTU's.

I have been a commercial loader and reloader now for over 20 years, incorporating Mac's Reloads as part of MRE Services, INC in 1993. I initially started the business in order to help support other Military Competitive Shooters as well as my own shooting requirements. Since then, Mac's Reloads has grown considerably.

I am a Life Member of the National Rifle Association; the Virginia State Rifle and Revolver Association; National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers; Federal Firearms Licensees of America as well as several local shooting clubs. 

To contact us, click here  to email me at or  you can call us at (757) 479-0849.