.444 Marllin, 300 Grain Jacketed Soft Point, Speer Bullet

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MACS RELOADS, .444 Marllin, Speer 300 Grain Jacketed Soft Point Bullet.

MACS FACTORY NEW AMMUNITION: New .444 Marlin with Speer 300 Grain Jacketed Soft Point Bullets.  This is a heavy recoil hunting cartridge as well as an excellent round for target shooting.  It is intended for use in quality American manufactured firearms in good condition.   This is new rifle ammunition.



The Speer Bullet's Uni-Cor construction bonds the jacket to the core for terrific uniformity, and eliminates the opening found on the base of other bullets. This heightened core-jacket integrity also aids in greater accuracy, more reliable expansion and greater weight retention.  


The .444 Marlin rifle cartridge was desingned in 1964 by Marlin Firearms and Remington Arms.  It was designed to fill in a gap left by the .45-70 Government at a time when that cartridge was not currently available in any lever action, making the .444 Marlin the largest caliber lever action cartridge available at the time.  The .444 looks like a lengthened .44 Remington Magnum and provides a significant increase in velocity.

 In the mid 1960s the .45-70 had all but disappeared from the American marketplace. There was no big-bore cartridge available in a lever-action rifle in current production, so Marlin decided to create a new cartridge to fill this empty niche. They created what is essentially an elongated version of the .44 Remington Magnum by making it nearly an inch longer to give it power similar to the .45-70.  The case Marlin created is very similar to a rimmed version of a .30-06 Springfield that was trimmed and necked-up to work with .429 diameter bullets.

Hunters initially had trouble loading the cartridge because the .444 was frequently hand-loaded using existing .429 bullets that were designed for use at handgun velocities.  Nevertheless the rifle did gain in popularity as more suitable bullets were designed for its higher velocities.

The .444 Marlin, 300 Grain Jacketed Soft Point cartridge is packaged in boxes of 20 rounds.  It is always manufactured with new brass.  Macs Reloads also provides a credit for turning in spent brass as well as the plastic and styrofoam ammunition trays.  We also purchase large and small quantities of spent brass.  Like all ammunition manufactured by Macs Reloads, this ammo has a full money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your full purchase price. 



Manufactured by Macs Reloads
Category: Factory New Rifle Ammunition
Caliber:  .444 Marlin
Bullet Type:  Speer Jacketed Soft Point 
Brass: Remington, loaded in new brass cases
Powder:  Alliant Reloader 7
Primer:  Remington Large Rifle
Rounds/box :20 Rounds Per Box




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