Caliber:  .32-20 Winchester, 115 Grain Cast Round Nose 

Flat Point Bullet, Magma

New Manufacture by Mac's Reloads and Reloading




MACS RELOADS, .32-20 Winchester, 115 Grain Round Nose Flat Point Bullet.

MACS FACTORY NEW AMMUNITION: Factory New .32-20 Winchester with hard cast 115 Grain Lead Round Nose Flat Point. This ammunition is loaded to SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Cowboy Action specifications.  Cowboy Action Shooters are required to use lead bullets in their ammunition which is why we selected this particular bullet.  It chambers well in all lever action rifles used in the three gun SASS competition.  This round is loaded specifically for Cowboy Action Match competition and has manageable recoil and excellent accuracy.  Like all of our quality new and reloaded ammunition, we recommend that you not use this ammo in firearms manufactured by Rubbermaid, Tupperware, Glock or Mattel. 

Our .32-20 Winchester, 115 Grain Round Nose Flat Point ammunition uses a Magma cast bullet manufactured with new virgin casting alloy.  The bullet is sized to .313" dia and lubricated with Magma Blue Bullet Lubricant.  Our bullet alloy is made to order using 92 percent lead, 4 percent tin and 4 percent antimony.  This alloy combined with the excellent lubrication properties of Magma Bullet Lube creates an excellent bullet hard enough to prevent leading in most ammunition applications.  Mac's Reloads carries a large selection of cast bullets for the reloader including the 115 grain .32-20 caliber lead round nose flat point.  These bullets are available from us at gunshows as well as via direct shipment for those ordering over the phone.  These bullets are packaged in boxes of 500 and mailed using USPS Priority Flat Rate mail.

The .32-20 Winchester, 115 Grain Round Nose Flat Point cartridge is packaged in boxes of 50 rounds.  Macs Reloads also provides a credit for turning in spent brass as well as the plastic and styrofoam ammunition trays.  We also purchase large and small quantities of spent brass.  Like all ammunition manufactured by Macs Reloads, this ammo has a full money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your full purchase price. 


Manufactured by Macs Reloads
Category: New Rifle Ammunition
Caliber: .32-20 Winchester
Bullet Type: Hard Cast Lead Alloy, 115 Grain Round Nose Flat Point
Brass: New, Starline and Remington Brass Cases
Powder:  Alliant Unique
Primer: Small Rifle
Rounds/box: 50 Rounds Per Box




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