The 148 grain .38 Caliber Double Ended Wadcutter has become the standard for bullseye shooters competing with the Smith and Wesson Model 52, the Colt .38 Special Semi Automatic and many custom built .38 Special Auto's such as the Clark Custom.  Seated deep in the brass, in order to fit the magazines for these match grade pistols, the entire bullet must be contained in the case.  No part of the bullet can extend outside of the brass case mouth.  While this bullet is necessary for these pistols, it is also perfect for the target shooter who wants to see exactly where on target he is hitting.  "Wheel Gun" shooters will find that they cannot easily speed load cartridges with this bullet but the time required to load is more than worth it when they can see their impact points without having to go down range to view their targets.

    For accuracy and performance, we recommend using Bullseye Powder from Alliant.  Always check powder tables before loading these bullets.  A powder charge of 2.7 Grains of Bullseye will result in approximately 690 FPS from a Smith and Wesson Model 52.  This bullet is made with new alloy, mixed to Lyman specifications with 4 percent tin, 4 percent antimony and 92 percent lead.  This bullet is lubricated with Magma Bullet Lube (Red)








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