The 38 Caliber, 125 Grain Round Nose Flat Point bullet is designed with the Cowboy Action (SASS) shooter in mind.  The light weight of this bullet allows for faster velocity with minimum recoil.  The flat nose makes it perfect for those shooters using the same caliber for both rifle and revolver.   This bullet is suitable for use in both revolvers and tube magazine rifles.  It is used for both target shooting and Cowboy Action (SASS) shooting.    The tapered edge of the bullet makes it easy to load into the cylinder by hand as well as when using a speed loader.  The bevel base makes it easy to seat in the case when reloading.

For accuracy and performance, we recommend using Bullseye Powder from Alliant.  Cowboy Action shooters frequently use Alliant Unique powder with good results.

This bullet is used by Cowboy Action target shooters who simply enjoy heading to the range to shoot a few boxes of ammo.  Seating depth is easy to determine, simply seat the bullet so that the end of the case aligns with the crimp groove.  This bullet is made with new alloy, mixed to Lyman specifications with 4 percent tin, 4 percent antimony and 92 percent lead.  This bullet is lubricated with Magma Bullet Lube (Red).





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