The 230 grain .45 caliber lead round nose bullet (HG 34) that has become the standard for .45 ACP shooters who want the increased accuracy and lower cost of lead cast bullets.  The bevel base makes it easy to load without having to put a substantial flare on the brass.  The moderate edge at the end of the driving band makes seating depth adjustments very fast and simple.

    The 230 grain lead round nose bullet works well in both wadcutter and ball magazines and feeds well in virtually any 1911 style .45 ACP pistol.  This bullet style is very popular with Bullseye Shooters as well as the shooter who simply wants to go out to the range and "Bust a few".  It is made with new alloy, mixed to Lyman specifications with 4 percent tin, 4 percent antimony and 92 percent lead.  This bullet is lubricated with Magma Bullet Lube (Red).



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