The 180 grain .40 Caliber Truncated Flat Point Bullet is the standard cast lead bullet for the 10 Millimeter Pistol.  We recommend only experienced loaders use this bullet weight for the .40 Caliber Smith and Wesson due to the required seating depth.  It is easy to bulge the middle of the cases if this bullet is seated too deep in the .40 Caliber cartridge.  In the 10 Millimeter Automatic, this bullet feeds well in most pistols.  This is an economical alternative to expensive jacketed bullets for the weekend target shooter.   The bevel base makes it easy to seat in the case when reloading.

This bullet is used by target shooters who simply enjoy heading to the range to shoot a few boxes of ammo.  This bullet is made with new alloy, mixed to Lyman specifications with 4 percent tin, 4 percent antimony and 92 percent lead.  This bullet is lubricated with Magma Bullet Lube (Red).




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